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At ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds, we provide the pension for all our participants. We also explain the options, limitations and risks of your pension. In order to be able to do this, we have made agreements and always keep ourselves up to date with the financial developments. Read everything about our organisation and policy.

What pension choices do I have?

Early or late retirement. If you retire early, you may opt for a temporary retirement pension as your state old-age pension will not have commenced payment. You may opt for a temporary retirement pension to compensate for the difference in the period before your state old-age pension commences.

What would my partner and children receive in the event of my death?

This depends on the situation: In the event of your death while still in employment If you should die while you are still employed, your partner will receive a lifelong net partner's pension. Your children will receive a net orphan's pension until they reach the age of 21.

What can I do if I start cohabiting with my partner?

If you and your partner start cohabiting and you have a cohabitation agreement drawn up by a civil-law notary, you may register your partner with us. This will ensure that your partner receives a partner's pension in the event of your death. You must do this before your retirement date.

What risk is associated with continuing to invest after retirement?

If you continue to invest after you retire, you can achieve a better return on the investments. However, there is a risk that the return on the investments will be disappointing, and as a result your pension will be lower. Your net pension benefits will therefore vary from one year to the next.

Am I able to make any additional arrangements for my surviving family members?

Yes, you can take out supplementary surviving dependants’ insurance for your partner. To do this, you must contact your employer.

What happens to my pension if I become incapacitated for work?

You will continue to accrue a pension until you reach your state retirement age. If you are incapacitated for work for more than two years, you will accrue a pension for the percentage of time you are unable to work. This pension is based on 75% of the salary you would have received if you were not incapacitated for work.

What is a pension overview?

A pension overview shows your accrued pension on January first of the relevant year. You can find a translation of the Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) under Downloads / Pension Plan.


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