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Pension 123

Pub licat ion: Jan uary 2021 Retirement pensionThrough your employer, you are participating in the pension plan of ABN AMRO Pension Fund and you are saving towards your retirement pension. The retirement age in your pension plan is 68 years. You will receive your retirement pension in addition to your state pension (Dutch abbreviation: AOW). The state pension is paid by the state.

Will my partner or children receive a smaller partner's pension or orphan's pension if they earn money themselves?

No, the partner's pension and orphan's pension are not affected by any other income. How much your partner and children earn themselves is therefore irrelevant.

What costs are associated with pension management?

Our pension management costs consist of: pension administration costs communication costs costs related to the Board and asset management project costs The pension management costs for last year can be found reported in our annual report . These costs do not include costs related to asset management (transaction costs and management costs).


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Return portfolio

Funding ratio | ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds

Read about this month's funding ratio and the different funding ratios that we use.

What happens if I become incapacitated for work after leaving my current employer?

In that case, you will be entitled to accrue a pension in relation to the percentage of time you are unable to work, provided that you: were sick when you left your employer and are declared incapacitated for work by UWV no more than two years after you left your employer, and are entitled to occupational disability

Once my employment contract has been terminated, can I continue to accrue a pension with ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds if I bear the cost myself?

No, this is not possible. You are, however, able to take out an annuity policy with an insurer.

Do I have a disability pension?

No, you do not have any supplementary occupational disability cover with us.

Summary annual report 2018

Sum mar y SummaryStichting Pensioenfonds van de ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Summ ary Key figures(Amounts rounded to the nearest euro million) 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 Number of insuredMembers 17.169 18.151 19.171 19.791 20.423Former members 55.063 54.286 53.264 52.108 52.553Pensioners 26.854 26.612 26.053 25.627 24.609Total 99.086 99.049 98.488 97.526 97.585 IncomeContributions 349 381 354 327 1.066Value transfers