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What advantages and disadvantages are associated with continuing to invest after I retire?

The potential advantages are as follows: You share risks with other participants. You do this by means of assimilation in the collective allocation group. Within this group, the mortality risk and longevity risk are shared. Because you do not stop investing, the returns on the investments - and therefore your

How does the pension fund manage the risks associated with investing?

Different types of risk exist in all stages of the investment process and in the investment portfolio. The pension fund has controls in place for all the risk categories.

Is the information provided in Mijn Pensioen reliable?

Yes, Mijn Pensioen was developed with the utmost care and uses your personal situation at this time as the starting point. To ensure Mijn Pensioen remains secure, you need to log in using your DigiD, with additional verification by text message or using the DigiD app.

How do I end my participation in the net pension scheme?

You can do this by completing a waiver in Mijn Pensioen . Rejoining after ending participation After you end your participation in the net pension scheme, you may rejoin the scheme as long as your pensionable salary exceeds the threshold for tax purposes. You can arrange this in Mijn Pensioen .

Privacy statement 2020

Microsoft Word - Privacystatement def 240220 (002) RR (002) Privacy Statement ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds is an independent foundation responsible for the administration of the pension plans of the companies affiliated with it. In this context, ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds processes personal data of, among others, members and deferred members. ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds treats your personal data with due care.

Layer 1 Pension 123 Net pension scheme

Microsoft Word - 05190000552A-end_268680 NC_A4 Laag 1 Pensioen 123_Ned.docx What choices are available in this net pay pension plan? You can opt to take a net pay retirement pension in respect of your salary above the statutory limit for tax- efficient pensions. The target retirement age in this pension plan is 68 years.

Pension fund and bank reach agreement

The pension fund and ABN AMRO Bank reached an agreement on 9 December about the administration of the pension plan. The parties still have a difference of opinion about the annual contribution towards the administration expenses. But this has no pension accrual consequences and does not impede the administration of the pension plan.

Pension arrangement | ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds

Krijg je pensioen van ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds? Bekijk wanneer de eerstvolgende betaaldatum is.

Pensionable salary

What are the advantages of the net benefit scheme?

The advantages are as follows: You do not pay any wealth tax (income tax in box 3) on your accrued pension capital while you accrue your pension. Net pension capital is exempt from inheritance tax. You do not pay any income tax on the net pension you receive under this scheme. Your partner and children are also covered.