Mission, vision and strategy

Read about why we do what we do and how we do it.

Mission of ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds

This pension fund is committed to quality and cost-efficient administration

The aim of our pension fund is to properly administrate the arrangements that have been formalised in the pension plan rules. We do so by focusing on cost efficiency, sustainability and service excellence for our participants and by taking calculated risks.

Valuable partner

The pension fund serves as a valuable partner to its participants when it comes to retirement benefits. We are the administration partner of choice for ABN AMRO Bank and its affiliated companies.

Core values

Our core values personal attention, steady improvement and shared focus on the future give direction to our ambition to achieve these goals.



Pension funds need to be sustainable to be future-proof

Technological developments are moving at the speed of light while compliance and regulatory requirements are becoming stricter all the time. What is more, public expectations and the basis for administrating pension contracts as well as the form of employment contracts and the employer-employee relationship are undergoing major changes. In other words, our resources, parameters, relationships and – potentially – our goal are in a state of flux.


Because of this dynamic, it is extremely important that we keep reflecting on the effectiveness of the organisation to guarantee its continuity in the future. In this context, we consider ‘sustainable’ to be a synonym of ‘future-proof’ in all aspects of the organisation and in how we shape our administration duties (pension and asset management). This means building an organisation in which development takes centre-stage, we work together to make a difference and we bring together expertise from different disciplines.

The pension fund is run as a regular business

Running a pension fund means managing a complex financial undertaking. This requires full-time management by pension professionals. Stakeholders play a role where interests should preferably or need to be weighed up. In order to run a pension fund with due care, stakeholders do not have to be involved in its day-to-day management as executive board members. When interests need to be weighed up, however, it is essential that they have a voice and participate in decision-making by exercising voting rights and exerting influence.


Pension management and administration go hand-in-hand

It is best for a pension fund if its management and administration operate in close proximity to each other. Management must have a good understanding of, and control over, all aspects of the administration. This ensures that the pension fund’s most important tasks are performed adequately, efficiently and transparently.


Relationship with the employer

A pension is an important and valuable fringe benefit that employers offer their employees. The relationship with the employer is also relevant to the pension fund. When it comes to the board members of the pension fund, an affinity with the employer’s business provides added value.


Strategy of ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds

We invest in a future-proof and agile organisation

Our mission in terms of our responsibilities as the administrator of the ABN AMRO Bank pension agreement and our vision of the pension fund of the future call for a strong and future-proof pension fund. We need to continue to deliver what we have agreed as the administrator of the pension agreement (as laid down in the administration agreement and pension plan rules), in a way that is timely, correct and efficient.


In these times of shifting perspectives, it is extremely important to be an agile organisation with a focus on providing added value. ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds has a robust foundation. To strengthen this foundation and prevent vulnerabilities, we need to keep focusing on tight management, leveraging qualities and teaming up with ‘best in class’.


We will continue to innovate to be able to meet the needs of our participants in the future and, where possible, exceed their expectations. To this end, we invest in long-term relationships with our employees, participants, employers and other stakeholders.


Reducing dependencies

The pension field is highly dynamic. Various pension administrators have changed course. The relationship between administrators and suppliers is subject to pressure. An administrator needs to have a choice. To achieve this, we have to keep reducing dependencies and turn threats into opportunities. Over the coming period, we will explore how to best to make this happen and make the required investments.